I was delighted to be elected as Chair of IATEFL’s Electronic Committee and look forward to working with committee members over the next 3 years.  I will do my best to fulfil my election commitments:

• Review and streamline important online “customer journeys”

• Help SIGs with their websites and online coverage of SIG events

• Create a searchable archive of articles and videos from past events

• Help SIGs offer more webinars

• Continue to develop a network of conference and event bloggers

• Make all resources mobile friendly

• Use Social Media to generate more interaction with members as we are beginning to see on IATEFL’s Facebook Group (now 2000+ members)

• Extend access and interaction with Associates and the Wider Membership scheme.

I will work to ensure that our use of technology is flexible and responsive, so we can build a online presence and community that reflects the ethos of IATEFL and its members.