I’m greatly looking forward to my mobile learning presentation this weekend for the IATEFL Learning Technology SIG, see details on their web page. I will report on a survey of language learning apps carried out with Paul Sweeney, and the features that we liked and those we didn’t and   describe how I have applied this learning in two mobile app projects that I am working on.

The first is an arcade style iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad vocabulary learning game called Word Carrot that I have been working on the past few months with three colleagues in our new company, LearnAhead Ltd. The app will appear on the Apple App store in early January 2012.

I will also talk about Doki, a  highly ambitious project to adapt existing Adobe Flash-based course materials originally designed for CDROM for learners of English, French, Spanish and German. I will describe the challenges that had to be overcome, including decisions about what technologies and platforms to adopt, copyright and intellectual property issues, and how to make such projects sustainable and commercially viable.

The webinar is scheduled to begin on Sunday 18 December at 1600 GMT.  You can view my presentation slides here: