A year ago I worked for Eazyspeak on a feasibility study to convert their successful Doki series of language learning CDROMs into iPad apps. This was an ambitious project, as it required the conversion of hundreds of complex interactive Flash-based movies into a format that would work on an iPad (as an aside, they also converted them into iPhone apps for iPhones 4S and 5), and I have discussed the challenges of the project in various events including Online Educa Berlin 2011, IATEFL and the eLearning Symposium at Southampton University in January 2012.  I am delighted to say that the team has launched a series of 9 titles globally, offering beginner and intermediate level apps for learners of English, French, German and Spanish.   Congratulations to Eazyspeak’s owners and development team: Nicos, Jane, Tasos,  Alex, Panos, Louise and Stella, and also Byron Russell, who was a member of the original team and advised them on business development and strategy.   They have more plans, so watch this space.