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Virtually unknown: teacher engagement in an online conference
Caroline Moore Tony Fisher and Eric Baber
ELT Journal, Volume 70, Issue 2, 1 April 2016, Pages 200–211
Published: 30 March 2016
Mobile Apps for Learning Vocabulary: Categories, Evaluation and Design Criteria for Teachers and DevelopersInternational Journal of Computer Assisted Language Learning and Teaching (IJCALLT)
Paul Sweeney and Caroline Moore.
IJCALLT2.4 (2012)
2012 | journal-article


Online Educa Berlin 2010: No Future? The English Language Teaching Coursebook in the Digital Age: http://nl.xeu.de/j.cfm?i=405757&k=108269

English Language Gazette January 2011 (page 11): Coursebooks in the digital age http://bit.ly/hKm5DA

Guardian Weekly 8 March 2011     ELT needs to get a grip on smartphones http://bit.ly/g3p7tl

Guardian Weekly 14 February 2012  Is there an app for getting language learners reading?  http://gu.com/p/357vt/tw  

You can download two presentations of my reviews of Apps with Paul Sweeney here:  Appt for That Soton elearning 2011 and Appt for That LWF 2011 and see the video of the Southampton University here.


Conferences & Events


IATEFL Liverpool 3 April 2019

How to be successful in discovering and publishing research

IATEFL Liverpool 4 April 2019

How to be successful in an ELT Interview 2019

TESOL France 24 November 2013

“Could you be a digital materials writer?”I have edited this presentation for commercial confidentiality reasons.

Could you be a digital materials writer_ TESOL France v3

LLAS E-Learning Symposium, University of Southampton 27 January 2012

Southampton elearning 2012

Online Educa Berlin 2011

Apps for language learning: from theoretical framework to real world application

OEB11 Caroline Moore Apps for language learning

EUK App presentation 2011

Appt for learning: how to make mobile learning work for your students. Joint presentation with Paul Sweeney.

StudyWorld London 2011

Planning for the future, using strategy and scenario planning tools (file includes presentation and participant contributions)

StudyWorld 2011 English Future Caroline Moore


IATEFL BeSIG Summer Symposium 2011:  Teaching Business English with Digital Technologies

Paul Sweeney & Caroline Moore:   Apps for Business English?

University of Central Lancashire, UK    24 – 25 June 2011



IATEFL 2011 Brighton

How to get value from IT during an economic downturn (in Leadership & Management and Learning Technologies tracks: Saturday 16 April)  Download IATEFL 2011 value IT in recession


TESOL 2011 Convention

16- 19 March 2011, New Orleans

New Generation courseware: mobile learning in the language learning classroom TESOL 2011 Courseware future


English UK Management Conference

4-5 March 2011, The Studio, Manchester

What does cloud computing, social media and mobile mean for us? Talk about the opportunities that emerging  digital technologies offer UK course providers, particularly how they can reduce the cost and complexity of administrative systems, and enhance the learner experience and the risks of doing this.   EUK 2011 What does cloud computing Caroline Moore

Panel forum on the topic  New generation learning: does the ELT coursebook have a future? The other panellists were  Dr Reinhard Tenberg from Cambridge ESOL and Adam Gadsby from Pearson.  EUK Management conference coursebook future Caroline, Reinhard & Adam


Joint presentations with Paul Sweeney on our review of published iPhone and iPad language learning related Apps:
Learning Without Frontiers 9 – 11 January 2011:     Appt for That LWF 2011

e-Learning Symposium 2011 University of Southampton 27-28 January 2011:   Appt for That Soton elearning 2011

The presentations for each conference were slightly different, and were both filmed.

Online Educa Berlin 1-3 December 2010:  OEB presentation was featured in the conference organisers’ pre-conference newsletter at


English UK Teacher’s Conference, Saturday 13 November

New generation learning: is there a future for the coursebook?


Cyprus Teacher English Association, 20-21 November 2010

Implications of  changing role of English and its usage for ELT professionals, particularly for those in Cyprus with its historical associations with the English language: CYTEA 2010 English Future Caroline Moore

The next big thing: how to assess new digital resources for language learning  and teaching:  CYTEA 2010 Next big thing Caroline Moore


IATEFL 2006: Learner of the Future


University of Southampton eLearning Symposium 2005:  Global Challenges in elearning