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I am Director of Constellata, and provide consultancy and product development for digital language learning. I was previously a Co-Founder and Director of a small start-up, LearnAhead Ltd, which published the Word Carrot apps.     I have previously held senior level posts at the British Council and founded its successful websites LearnEnglish and Teaching English, and led its IT and elearning functions in English and Exams. I have a long standing interest in language learning technologies,   an MA in Second Language Learning and Teaching, was awarded an MBA with Distinction at Cass Business School.


I have been a member of several judging panels for the English Speaking Union, and have  helped judge its President’s Award for the use of technology to enhance English learning since its inception in 2003. I was a Trustee of IATEFL, and Chair of its Electronic Committee from 2013-2017, and recently joined the A.S. Hornby Educational Trust as a Trustee


Book Machine November 2012

Beta Gamma Sigma November 2012

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14 February 2012: Is there an app for getting language learners reading?

8 March 2011: ELT needs to get a grip on smartphones.

The name “Constellata” comes from a character in an interactive story written by Tim Rhys for the British Council’s LearnEnglish website in 2001. This is no longer available on the original website. Tim Rhys has kindly agreed to the use of this character for the company name. You can find out more about him on his profile at Cardiff University where he teaches creative writing. "Dr Constellata"